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There is Hope and Healing After Abortion

If you are a man and abortion is part of your story, you have come to the right place. You are not alone and we want to get you connected with other men who have walked this same path and found healing.

Impact of abortion on men

Maybe she was your girlfriend, or your wife, just a friend or even your daughter.

Maybe you pushed her to have the abortion, or maybe she gave you no choice in the matter. Whatever your level of participation, the decision had lasting consequences.

Men who participated in an abortion may experience a range of reactions, emotions, and behaviors Some are subtle, some are life-dominating. They may include Initial relief may be followed by persistent sadness, grief, anger, anxiety, powerlessness, guilt, and even symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder that may be severe enough to impair daily functioning.

Not every post-abortive man will experience all of these signals of pain, however, don’t be surprised if you find more than one of them present in your life.

If you recognize yourself in any of these and you’d like to get more information, contact us.


While there is a lot of research evidence for negative emotional and psychological outcomes for women after abortion, there is very little formal research on the aftereffects of elective abortion on men. 

Here’s what we know based on the available research – men who are part of an abortion may experience:1

Repressed emotions and numbness.
Failed relationships: anywhere from one-fourth to 75% of relationships fail because of an abortion decision.
Sexual difficulties.
Symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder–disturbing memories and/or dreams, intrusive thoughts, avoid pregnant women or babies.
Moral pain from making a choice outside their worldview of right and wrong.
Grief, guilt, anxiety, powerlessness, and anger which could lead to substance use and/or depression.
Intimate partner violence, controlling, coercive behavior.


Resurrect hope in your life after abortion.

Participating in an abortion decision may affect every aspect of a man’s identity: his self-worth, his integrity, his leadership, and his ability to engage relationally. Every aspect of his identity may become suspect, and he may wrestle with guilt, shame, and other complicated emotions.

There can be far-reaching psychological, emotional, and spiritual ramifications for people who have chosen abortion. While women endure the physical effects of the abortion procedure, both women and men must live with the consequences of the decision.

However, men’s voices have been silenced in the abortion discussion. They are told it is a “woman’s issue.” But regardless of their level of participation in the abortion, their fatherhood is compromised.

If you are a man struggling with the fallout of an abortion decision, we can help.



Abortion Resources for Men

The decision changes everyone.

Fatherhood Aborted by Guy Condon and David Hazard chronicled how abortion impacts the lives of men. Through their interviews they found a set of behaviors that were common to men with an abortion in their past. If involvement with an abortion is part of your story, you may recognize some of the following at work within you:

  • Difficulty with commitment
  • Dodging authority
  • No solid sense of identity
  • Working to impress moral leaders
  • Keeping women at bay
  • Trouble bonding
  • Fear of impending tragedy
  • Not owning your mistakes
  • Feeling inadequate as a leader

Reclaiming Fatherhood is anchored in the work Fatherhood Aborted. With the help of four men who have abortions in their past, Reclaiming Fatherhood provides a road map to healing for men who are struggling with the emotional and spiritual fallout of abortion. This book can be the first step in a journey out of survival and into hope, purpose, and fulfillment for your life.

Men hurt from abortion too…



“Guys like us have learned, over many years of isolation and pain, to be alone. We are outwardly good at being alone but secretly despise the fact that we have no real friends. Anger and pride keep us isolated when what we really need are other men who will walk with us. We are stronger together.”
~ Jim W.

Let us help you get connected with other men who have traveled this path and found healing.


Resources for Men
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The mission of Care Net’s Abortion Recovery and Care (ARC) program is to lead the way in abortion recovery through resources and programs that connect, equip, and support those seeking healing for themselves and/or providing for others.

Healing from the pain of abortion is a journey. Whether you had an abortion last week, or 40 years ago, we're here to help.

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