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There is Hope and Healing After Abortion

Are you tired of hurting and hiding? You are not alone. There are thousands of women that are ready to do something about the pain, but unsure what to do. This can be the first step in your healing process.

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There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

There are no certain number of “yes” answers that definitively indicate that you are “fine” and can go on with life.

The fact that you are here is a pretty good indicator that you are looking for something more.

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Immediately following an abortion, women may experience a sense of relief. For some, the relief is short-lived and gives way to negative emotions that can linger unresolved. In line with the best available evidence, induced abortion is associated with a significantly increased risk of the following for women:4,5

Anxiety and clinical depression: you might have overwhelming feelings of sadness or anger or guilt when you think about your abortion; you may have sought the help of a therapist and/or meds to treat your symptoms.

Substance abuse: you might use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate and numb your feelings surrounding your abortion experience.

Symptoms similar to post traumatic stress disorder: you may have disturbing memories and/or dreams, intrusive thoughts, and avoid pregnant women or other things that remind you of your abortion.

Suicidal thoughts and behaviors: you may even consider suicide as a solution to escape the pain.

After Abortion Resources for Women

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Abortion Resources for Women

There is healing for women after an abortion.

No matter what influences a woman to end a pregnancy, the physical, psychological, and spiritual side effects are real. Feelings of guilt, shame, and grief can become a heavy burden for women who feel that they will never be free – but there is hope.

Linda Cochrane has been there. With an understanding spirit, she guides hurting women to bring their emotional scars “out of the dark past and into his holy light” where true and lasting healing can take place. Cochrane delves into the Scriptures to offer help with issues such as relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, acceptance, and true healing.

The mission of Care Net’s Abortion Recovery and Care (ARC) program is to lead the way in abortion recovery through resources and programs that connect, equip, and support those seeking healing for themselves and/or providing for others.

Healing from the pain of abortion is a journey. Whether you had an abortion last week, or 40 years ago, we're here to help.

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